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Now there’s an easier and faster way to run your network: AT&T FlexWare. Eliminate the need to buy individual pieces of equipment for firewalls, routers, and other network functions. Download your network functions as software to an AT&T FlexWare device, and you’re ready to go. Easily scale as your business grows. That’s flexibility. That's AT&T FlexWare.

AT&T FlexWare Offers


Provides network traffic management, with flexibility to add new functionality in the future, such as a firewall.

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Choose from two security options – Essential or Enhanced. Essential security provides technologies to block forms of unauthorized access and harmful traffic to or from your network. Enhanced security takes your security stance to the next level, enabling your business to prevent, detect, analyze and adapt to evolving cyber threats.

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Router and Security

The ideal, cost-effective FlexWare solution enabling you to host Routing and Security Applications on a single piece of hardware replacing the need for multiple, specialized hardware appliances.

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How AT&T FlexWare works

Network Function Virtualization technology provides a simpler alternative to buying, configuring and testing multiple pieces of equipment. With NFV, software replaces these network components and is easily downloaded and deployed to the AT&T FlexWare device at different locations within the network.


The AT&T software platform delivers a simple, flexible and efficient experience for any business.

  • Streamline operations by deploying the multi-purpose equipment at each location.
  • Reduce the complexity of network infrastructure and vendor contracts.
  • Quickly deploy and configure AT&T FlexWare applications from best-of-breed vendors.
  • Simplify network management via the customer portal and make changes in near real time.
  • Improved total cost of ownership when compared to proprietary hardware/software solutions.

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